Check out the photo section of this wiki- in the bar above. I am uploading artwork I have found for Valkyrie Crusade. There is more to VC artwork than just what you see in the gaming APP. Also there is alot of excellent fanart. I will be continuously adding to the photo section. I find LOTS of images but it takes awhile to upload them for display.. so come back and check out the photos  section time to time. Unfortunately I dont have the Maidens' names on the images. Many images dont appear on cards, only as artwork or VC Japan. I wanted to post artwork that I find first, then when I have more time I will try to add any information I find to the individual image page. I wanted Valkyrie Crusade Unofficial Wiki to be an addition to the game, not so much centered around stats and technical feed. I play the APP and love the game, but I am not so much into tech and frankly, I'm pretty much oblivious to alot of it. What brought me to VC was the amazing art- so that's what I wished to contribute to the WIKI Community. Feel free then to add what you like- when you click on any picture it brings you to it's own individual page. Instead of editing the page, add info that you wish in the comments. It is better to add in comments instead of having individual people constantly changing eachother's edited information. If you add to the comments and not to the page, the comments then function more like a mini forum. So opposing information won't disappear in an edit, but be recorded along with it. I am far from being any kind of expert on the VC APP, so I probably would not know what would be right or wrong info. Unless I know info about an image without a doubt, I will use the comments to add information as well.

This WIKI isn't only about the Valkyrie Crusade Game APP but more of the Valkyrie Crusade World that exists along with the game.

For an excellent resource of Stats and Tech for the game, check out "" Wiki. There is info on just about every card that appears in the VC APP English Version. Again there will be card images of cards that may not appear in our VC APP at all. They might only appear in the Japanese/Asian version of VC. Those cards and things you probably wont see in the APP are EXXXXACTLY what I wanted Valkyrie Crusade Unofficial Wiki to be all about.  ;)

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