Creepy Joker


Mansion Duck Hunt

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Nubee just added two new buildings that are actually two mini games.

One building is a Mansion and is really beautiful. The game is like Duck Hunt if you ever played that game long ago. You tap on the Maidens and avoid the evil purple guy. You win coins and i guess when you get a huge bunch, you can cash them in (havent gotten that far yet). AND what surprised me is the two buildings are dirt cheap! You dont have to save thousands of resources to get them. So anyone with limited respurces can add them to their kingdom.

The downside is the two mini games are kind of a let down. VC is very strategic, so i expected something far greater than tap and matching.

The other building is a tent with a Joker on a spring on top, and is a matching game. In stark contrast to the beautiful mansion, this jack in the box tent thing is really creepy. Thats my opinion, the Joker is HUgE! And on a spring, just way too creepy for me. So i tucked mine away in Kingdom 2 next to a huge rock in the creepy forest section of my kindgom. This is just my opinion, what do you think? Tell us in comments.

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