Valkyrie Crusade originates from Singapore and is a hot game right now in China, Japan, Korea..

Therefore, the Maidens have some really strange names. Canopus has to be one of the strangest.

To figure out WHY this poor card has such an aweful name you have to say the name aloud a few times and consider that in those countries, the letter L doesnt exist. They spell out the name in English, the way they pronounce it themselves.

I tried to figure out the mystery of the name "Canopus" cause it frankly, its an awful name.

Canopus is the name of a star but its not a navagational star. So i am confused because she is dressed as an old world navagator.

Also the letter P is softer and sounds more like letter B. So if you add the L to this poor girls name, and change P to B, you get "ca lo bus" . Did you figure it out yet? The name may be Colombus. She is holding a sextent and a compas, both used in 1492 for navigation. So some of these odd card names are actually written out how they are pronounced in the Orient.

BUT some names i have no idea what they are. I am still trying to figure out "Verthandi"





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